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Young Guru Academy is an international Leadership School and a non-profit organization founded in Turkey in 2000. On next Monday October 12, 2015 YGA Founder and Chairman Sinan Yaman & YGA's 4th Generation President Asude Altıntas will be presenting YGA's philosophy, leadership programs and projects.
What:   Young Guru Academy Summit
When:  October 12, 2015, Monday at 12:00PM to 1:00PM
Where: Stanford, Graduate School of Business, M105
YGA does not give fish to save the day,
Does not teach how to fish to save one person,
It cultivates leaders who will revolutionize the fish industry to save the future.
YGA believes that leadership qualities are developed through decision-making and taking responsibilities. Thus, YGA cultivates future-leaders, whom are selected meticulously, on the field while implementing social responsibility projects they produce. One of the projects that these leaders produced, My Dream Companion Project, revolutionized the lives of blind people by helping 150 thousand blind people gain access to technology and knowledge and was awarded the first prize in the international GSMA awards, considered as the Oscars of the GSM sector. Duygu Kayaman, leader of the My Dream Companion and Cemil Cihan Özalevli, who built the first hybrid solar-geothermal power plant, were chosen among the "Innovators under 35" by MIT.
Every year, more than 50 thousand university students from 200 different universities apply to be a part of YGA Leadership School which cultivates trail-blazing leaders. Among these applicants, 4 thousand are chosen to attend the YGA Leadership Summit with keynote speakers such as Güler Sabancı, Muhtar Kent, Hüsnü Özyeğin, Cem Kozlu. After the summit, participants go through a 5-stage interview process and finally 50 applicants who demonstrate competence and social awareness are accepted into the YGA Leadership School. These YGA students are chosen by YGA Advisory Board, comprised of scholars, executives, scientists including Doğan Cüceloğlu, Ahmet Bozer and Mehmet Toner. These students get over 1000 hours of training.
YGA students develop their leadership skills by helping future leaders develop themselves in YGA Workshops and volunteering for YGA for over 5000 hours. Bill Drayton, who was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, says "I have attended many leadership programs in different parts of the world, but this is the first time I am seeing a unique program where young people discuss together, decide together, and realize their dreams together. It impressed me very much."
Students who make outstanding progress in Leadership Workshops are chosen to attend YGA Leadership Camp which takes place in London, New York, Boston and the Silicon Valley. When asked to describe YGA students, Emily Rasmussen, who joined the YGA Leadership School through the Global Partnership program with Harvard, said that YGA students "are chosen through an even more selective process than Harvard's. The talents and passions of these people are very impressive."
Confident enough to believe that they can change the world, Selfless enough to work together with other confident people.
YGA students fit the above description and are transforming the definition of leadership through their international success.YGA Summit:

HBS Field Project:
YGA Social Innovation Camp:
YGA Leadership Camps:

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