Title Software Integration Engineer
Categories Programming
Company PI Works
Location Pleasanton, CA
Job Information

This Integration Engineer is responsible for data acquisition, loading, and analysis of customer network data, programming applications in support of radio optimization engineers.

Job responsibilities:

- Data acquisition and loading of customer network configuration, performance, and trace data for use by analysis and optimization engineers.

- Programming tactical data acquisition solutions in support of Radio Engineers.


Required qualifications:

- Technical understanding of 2G/3G/4G mobile technologies, including RAN standards, architectures, protocols, and services.

- Programming skills in an object-oriented language such as C++, C#, or java. Skills in lower-level programming with knowledge of OS architectures, ability to reverse engineer other products

- Unıx/Linux architecture knowledge

- Good leadership and communication capabilities and experience.

- Strong capability to drive to results.

- Knowledge of systems and system engineering.

- Advanced knowledge and experience in database structure and administration and ETL. Strong skills in SQL.

- Excellent knowledge of products and systems in the customer's network.

- Good knowledge and understanding of the customer's business situation.

- Excellent Customer Relationship Management skills.

- Some Financial and business skills

- At least 5-8 years practical experience in within the Telecom industry.


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