Instagram really worth $1 billion?

Facebook just announced that it purchased Instagram from $1 billion in cash and stock - what just happened here? Did we miss something? Is Facebook going to continue these purchases? I would bet yes, and here is why:

Facebook is a new media company that is about to go IPO; it is media offering is based on what it knows about you so naturally it wants to improve the quality of this information and create value for its share holders. Here is how it would do it:


Mobile Makes Its Mark at Y-Combinator’s Demo Day

With 66 companies attending this is the largest demo day for Y-Combinator took place in Silicon Valley today at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View. The event attracted Silicon Valley's elite, investors and executives from number of firms from around the country and around the globe.

The Demo Day has been dominated by mobile companies, not a shocker given that the combined reach of iPhone and Android's reach millions of users. Especially Android's fast market growth made mobile more attractive for entrepreneurs.

Some of the companies that delivered presentations  with mobile focus: